Interior Ministry

13 migrants in Turkey’s east feared to have frozen to death

Turkish search and rescue teams have been dispatched to a remote zone near the Iranian border to save at least 13 migrants who have been stranded due to heavy snowstorm and freezing temperatures.

The governor's office in Van received a report that 13 irregular migrants froze to death shortly after they entered a mountainous area of Çaldıran district of the eastern province from Iran.

YPG/PKK terrorist on wanted list neutralized

A wanted YPG/PKK terrorist was neutralized in a counter-terrorism operation in eastern Turkey, the country's Interior Ministry's said on Feb. 8.

Turkish authorities use the term "neutralized" to imply that the terrorist in question either surrendered or was killed or captured.

Terrorist Ömer Oran, also known as Bager, was on the ministry's most wanted list.

Entire Customs Officers Shift Detained at Kalotina Border Checkpoint

Entire customs officers shift working at the Kalotina border checkpoint was detained on Thursday, Nova TV reported.

Unofficial information indicates that the reason for the arrests is corruption practices. More information will be provided by the Interior Ministry Secretary-General Ivaylo Ivanov and Prosecutor General Ivan Geshev in the coming hours.

IntMin Vela, UK Ambassador Noble, on Brexit, bilateral strategic partnership

The strategic partnership between Romania and the United Kingdom, as well as Brexit were among the topics of the discussions between Interior Minister Marcel Vela and Andrew Noble, the UK Ambassador in Bucharest, in a meeting held at the Interior Ministry, informs a release of the Interior Ministry (MAI) sent to AGERPRES on Wednesday.

Gov't approves epidemics medical emergency stocks

The government approved on Tuesday the establishment of emergency medical supplies for epidemics and measures regarding the establishment of quarantine under an emergency ordinance that also provides for the purchase of thermal scanners to equip Romania's 16 airports. "The establishment of emergency medical stocks for epidemics and other events generating multiple victims was approved.