International Monetary Fund

PM assures no new measures will be needed after deal is reached with troika [Update]

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras on Tuesday insisted that no new austerity measures will be required as part of a deal reached earlier in the day between the Greek government and troika inspectors following seven months of tough negotiations.

"Today a long period of tribulations has ended, and a new beginning is being made," Samaras said.

Ministerial responsibility

Members of Parliament who may be considering voting against the proposed bill outlining the likely deal between the coalition government and the country’s partners and creditors – the European Union, the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund – ought to properly consider the effects that their decision could have.

New government to continue EU integration, economic reforms

BELGRADE - The new government of Serbia will continue to pursue the policy of the EU integration, accelerated financial consolidation and economic development, Serbian Prime Minister Ivica Dacic said on Wednesday in the talks with members of the delegation of the International Monetary Fund (IMF).