Turkey adds crypto firms to terror financing rules

Turkey has added cryptocurrency trading platforms to the list of firms covered by anti-money laundering and terrorism financing regulation, it said in a presidential decree published early May 1.

The move came after a ban on using cryptocurrencies for making payments introduced in response to claims that such transactions are too risky took effect in Turkey on April 30.

Montenegro Police Re-arrest Regional Drug Gang’s Alleged Boss

Police footage of Slobodan Kaselan's arrest in Kotor, Montenegro. Photo: Twitter/Police Diretorate

Kascelan, 58, is listed in Montenegro police records as one of the leaders of the drug gang based in the Montenegrin town of Kotor. But in 2019 such claims or any involvement in drug trafficking.

Iran asks Interpol to arrest Natanz 'sabotage' suspect

Iran has asked Interpol to help arrest a suspect in a sabotage attack on its Natanz nuclear facility which it blames on Israel, a local newspaper reported on April 18.

National television has published a photo and identified the man as 43-year-old Reza Karimi, saying the intelligence ministry had established his role in last week's "sabotage" at Natanz.

North Macedonia Arrests Police in Crackdown on Passport-Forgers

The Interior Ministry said on Tuesday that at least nine police officers have been arrested so far on suspicion of being part of a group that issued false passports and identity documents to foreign citizens.

"The operation is ongoing and we will have more info once it wraps up, later today or tomorrow," a high-ranking official in the Interior Ministry told BIRN.

Bosnia Rejects Fugitive Serb War Crimes Convict’s Appeal

The Constitutional Court of Bosnia and Herzegovina on Monday rejected an appeal from Dragan Marjanovic, a wartime commander of a platoon of the Bosnian Serb Army Teslic Brigade's military police.

The court ruled that there was no violation of Marjanovic's right to a fair trial and that the verdict was not based on unlawful evidence.

Pope Francis Alarms: World Mafias Try to Profit by Covid Pandemic

Pope Francis spoke out against organized crime on Sunday, warning that "mafias" around the world were engaged in efforts to profit off of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

Reuters reported that the remarks came as part of an address for an Italian day of remembrance for victims of organized crime, which has plagued Italy for centuries.