Islamist militia

A showcase congress in Istanbul

The World Energy Congress held in Istanbul was boycotted by some countries, scorned or ignored by some others… Was the absence of Iran and Iraq newsworthy? Indeed. But that was all. Their presence would have meant a lot. In international diplomacy, rebuffing a platform where a country might have the chance to explain its views on an issue can best be described as counterproductive.

ISIS drags man to gruesome death behind a ute (warning: graphic pics + video)

The Islamic State released another video of a gruesome execution showing that there are many evil ways to kill. This time video footage shows a grey-bearded man dressed in an orange jumpsuit dragged along the road attached to a ute. He is dragged to death while screaming. The man is Rushdi Ageela Omran Al-Masouri, aged 43.

US says UAE bombed Libya Islamists as turmoil deepens

UAE warplanes secretly bombed Islamist militia targets in Libya, apparently catching Washington off guard, as turmoil in the North African country deepened with the Islamists naming a rival premier.
American officials said on Aug. 25 that the United Arab Emirates' jets launched two attacks in seven days on the Islamists in Tripoli using bases in Egypt.

Qatar invests in Israeli football despite Gaza, row with Jerusalem

Qatar’s latest investment in Israeli-Palestinian football comes against a backdrop of a war of words between the two countries over the Gulf state’s close relationship with Hamas, the Islamist militia that controls the war-wracked Gaza Strip Qatar is emerging for the second time in a decade as the only Arab state without a peace treaty and diplomatic relations to have invested in Isr