Israeli army

Israeli military has launched air strikes against militant targets in the Gaza Strip

The Israeli army announced this morning that in response to the shelling from the Gaza Strip on Israel, it fired 130 targets in the Palestinian territory that belong to Hamas. At least 15 members of Palestinian armed groups have been killed in the Gaza Strip.

Turkey calls on Israel to end violence against Palestinians

Turkey on April 16 called on Israel to cease its aggressive policies against Palestinians.

A statement by the Foreign Ministry said that such policies damage peace and stability in the region, adding: "It is worrying that Israel's policies of oppression and violence against the Palestinians escalated during Ramadan."

Israel shuts Gaza fishing zone after overnight fighting

Israel closed the Gaza Strip's offshore fishing zone on Aug. 16 following a night of cross-border fighting with Palestinian militants, the most intense escalation of hostilities in recent months.

Palestinian militants in Gaza fired two rockets into southern Israel after Israeli airstrikes targeted sites belonging to the territory's militant Hamas rulers.

Israeli court orders settlers to evacuate home

A court in Israel ordered settlers to evacuate a home in Hebron they had been living in since 2005 as an Israeli firm had not legally purchased it from its original Palestinian owners.

According to local media reports, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the company used illegal means to purchase the house, which belonged to the Bakri family.