Istanbul Finance Center

Central Bank to move to Istanbul in Summer

The Turkish Central Bank will move its headquarters from Ankara to Istanbul this summer, according to an internal e-mail notice reported by the local media on Feb. 14. 

Last year, Central Bank Governor Şahap Kavcıoğlu told the media about plans to relocate the bank's units to the Istanbul Financial Center (IFC), which is still under construction, within 2022.

Turkish Central Bank to form three new divisions, says officials

The Turkish Central Bank has decided to establish three new divisions in a bid to adapt its organizational structure to its priorities, according to a statement issued by officials on Feb. 4. 

Under its Structural Economic Research Department, the bank will form a division in charge of analyzing developments in the food and agricultural product markets.

Turkey's treasury to pave way for int'l investors to issue FX securities

Turkey's treasury is set to pave the way for foreign investors to issue foreign exchange-based securities as part of the Istanbul Finance Center project, in a move to attract more foreign investors into the country's capital markets, a top economy official has announced.