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Turkish expat turnout for Nov. 1 election hits high

The Nov. 1 election turnout of Turkish nationals living abroad is around 44 percent, Turks Abroad and Related Communities Chair Kudret Bülbül said on Oct. 29, heralding a steady rise in recent elections. 

After voting at customs gates and airports is completed on Nov. 1, an attendance of 45 percent is expected, Bülbül told Anadolu Agency.

Turkish Lira loses value after Fed meeting

The Turkish Lira has lost value after the U.S. Federal Reserve hinted at a possible December interest rate hike and rallied against most emerging currencies. 

The lira's value declined to around 2.93 from 2.89 against the dollar after the Fed decision on Oct. 28. The Turkish currency then rebounded to 2.916 early Oct. 29.