Kosovo Assembly

Rama: Solidarity with Veseli; Without war, there would be no right for Kosovo

Rama posted on Twitter that no matter how unfair the Special Court Tribunal's invitation to the KLA members was, there is nothing left but to speak the truth based on the war of a nation.
Rama claims that without the Kosovo Liberation Army, the people of Kosovo would still be denied the right.

Early parliamentary elections on Kosovo and Metohija scheduled for October 6

Thaci had instructed Central Election Commission to take all necessary measures to organize and prepare parliamentary elections in accordance with that Decision and in line with applicable legislation.
Earlier on Monday, Thaci signed a decree to dissolve the sixth convocation of Kosovo Assembly.

Haradinaj's ties with "yellow house": Americans obstructed the investigation

International sources speculate that his responsibility for organ trafficking in the case of ''yellow house'' is now at stake, Blic reports.
The first serious approach to this crime was led by UNMIK which made a report in 2003, the evidence of which were, allegedly, destroyed in the Tribunal for War Crimes for the former Yugoslavia.