Kosovo parliament

Kosovo Faith Leaders Unite Against Same-Sex Marriages

Religious leaders in mainly Muslim Kosovo on Wednesday signed a joint declaration against a new draft civil code that would allow same-sex marriages, and will be discussed in parliament on Thursday.

The religious leaders condemned an article which paves the way for a special law allowing same-sex civil unions.

EU, US Push for ‘New Dynamics’ in Kosovo-Serbia Dialogue

The European Union and United States envoys for the EU-mediated dialogue, Miroslav Lajcak and Matthew Palmer, met leaders in Pristina on Monday and Tuesday in an attempt to display a concerted effort to resolve the dispute between the two countries.

Their visit comes ahead of a planned meeting between Kosovo and Serbia's leaders in mid-June.

Kosovo’s Vetevendosje Makes Surprise Call for Election Law Changes

The election of Kosovo's next president took a new twist on Friday when the Vetevendosje [Self-Determination] party's parliamentary group called a meeting of the parliamentary presidency to examine a request to amend the Law on Election, suggesting that new snap polls might be on the horizon, less than two months after Kosovo's last elections.

Kosovo Arrests Eight For Attacking Serb Politician’s Son

Kosovo Serb politician Nenad Rasic, the head of Progressive Democratic Party, told BIRN on Tuesday after the arrest of eight people in connection with the attack on his son Nikola that he believes the assault was politically motivated.

"This was not a fight between adolescents but an attempted murder," Rasic said of the attack on Monday outside a school in the village of Lapnaselo.