Kosovo police

Kosovo authorities more vigilant in face of security threats

Kosovo authorities more vigilant in face of security threats

Experts suggest Kosovo and Serbia co-operate more closely as the talks between the two countries are renewed.

Kosovo suspended four border police after Slobodan Gavric drove into Kosovo with more than 12 kilograms of explosives. [Laura Hasani/SETimes]

Kosovo: Interior Ministry officials indicted

Kosovo: Interior Ministry officials indicted

PRISTINA -- The Special Prosecution in Kosovo has indicted five person on organized crime charges, among them three officials of the Interior Ministry in Pristina.

The EU mission in Kosovo, EULEX, said in a statement that the group is suspected of illegal arms trade, fraud, and abuse of official position and powers.

Serb beaten by Albanian mob in Pec

PEC - A group of ethnic Albanians attacked Pavic Gojkovic, a 61-year-old Serb, on Wednesday in Pec, northwestern Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), and members of the Kosovo police saved him from being lynched.

Gojkovic told Tanjug that a group of Albanians attacked him after he walked out of a lawyer's office onto the street, together with his mother and a close friend who drove them to Pec.

Molotov cocktails thrown at Serb home in Gnjilane

GNJILANE - Unknown attackers threw two Molotov cocktails at the house of the Serb family Nojic in the city of Gnjilane, southwest Kosovo-Metohija (KiM), during the night between Friday and Saturday.

Nobody was injured but damage was caused to the house in the attack, according to reports by local TV Plus from Silovo near Gnjilane.

Zubin Potok Mayor in House Arrest

Vulovic, wanted by Kosovo police since last July, appeared before an EU prosecutor on Monday and was put under 30 days house arrest.

Dragana Nikolic-Solomon, from the EU rule-of-law mission, EULEX, told BIRN that Vulovic appeared voluntarily before the public prosecutor in the northern half of the divided town of Mitrovica.