Kosovo police

ISIS, KLA graffiti sprayed inside Decani monastery compound

BELGRADE - Prior of the Serbian Orthodox monastery Visoki Decani Sava Janjic said on Sunday the monks at that monastery in southern Kosovo were concerned over the graffiti that had been sprayed on some of the buildings inside the monastery compound, and that they expected KFOR and the Kosovo police to implement better security measures.

Kosovo Doctors Suspected of Health Scam

Kosovo police detained nine doctors and three other health officials on Thursday, suspected of abusing their positions to send business to private hospitals in return for cash.

They are suspected of signing deals with private hospitals to send patients for treatment there when public hospitals had the capacity to do the same treatments for free. 

Vandalism of memorial to missing journalists condemned

BELGRADE - The Association of Journalists of Serbia (UNS) and the Association of Journalists of Kosovo-Metohija (DNKiM) condemned on Friday the latest vandalism of the memorial to the missing journalists in KiM, and urged the international and Kosovo institutions to launch an investigation immediately.

Pristina imam Sefcet Krasnici arrested

PRISTINA - Leading imam of a mosque in Pristina Sefcet Krasnici was arrested on Thursday along with sseveral other people, the local media have reported.

Krasnici is accused of inciting radical views, often through his lectures as professor at the theology college in Pristina, the media say.

An arsenal was found in his vehicle earlier, but the Kosovo police took no action.

North Mitrovica mayor's assassination was in preparation

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Mayor of North Kosovska Mitrovica Goran Rakic has told TV Most that the Kosovo police had informed him on Wednesday that there were preparations for his assassination.

"Some other sources have informed me that one ethnic Albanian individual has been arrested," he said, adding that he was not concerned because he had faith in the police and their efforts.

Man Shot Dead in Woods in Northern Kosovo

Avni Zahiti, Kosovo Police Spokesperson, told BIRN that a man was shot dead and two others were wounded in the woods near Kolloverga, a Kosovo Albanian village near the Serb-run municipality of Zubin Potok.

Albion Brahimi, one of the wounded, told Express online that the gunfire came from a person in Serbian army uniform.

Serbia Reinforces Border After Policeman's Killing

Stevan Sindjelic, of the special police unit known as the Gendarmerie, died Thursday in Belgrade, after being shot by unknown attackers, reportedly illegal loggers from Kosovo.

Following his death, Nebojsa Stefanovic, the Interior Minister, said Serbia would not tolerate “terrorist attacks on its territory and the police would respond with force to any attack.