Kosovo police

North Mitrovica mayor's assassination was in preparation

KOSOVSKA MITROVICA - Mayor of North Kosovska Mitrovica Goran Rakic has told TV Most that the Kosovo police had informed him on Wednesday that there were preparations for his assassination.

"Some other sources have informed me that one ethnic Albanian individual has been arrested," he said, adding that he was not concerned because he had faith in the police and their efforts.

Man Shot Dead in Woods in Northern Kosovo

Avni Zahiti, Kosovo Police Spokesperson, told BIRN that a man was shot dead and two others were wounded in the woods near Kolloverga, a Kosovo Albanian village near the Serb-run municipality of Zubin Potok.

Albion Brahimi, one of the wounded, told Express online that the gunfire came from a person in Serbian army uniform.

Serbia Reinforces Border After Policeman's Killing

Stevan Sindjelic, of the special police unit known as the Gendarmerie, died Thursday in Belgrade, after being shot by unknown attackers, reportedly illegal loggers from Kosovo.

Following his death, Nebojsa Stefanovic, the Interior Minister, said Serbia would not tolerate “terrorist attacks on its territory and the police would respond with force to any attack.

Jaksic: Functioning of Zubin Potok municipality under threat

ZUBIN POTOK - Head of the Zubin Potok municipal assembly Nemanja Jaksic said Monday that unfounded accusations and threats by EULEX that mayor Stevan Vulovic will be taken in for questioning, disturb the functioning of municipal assembly of Zubin Potok, a Serb-majority municipality in northern Kosovo-Metohija (KiM).

Cazimi, Kabasi under house arrest

PRISTINA - The imam of the El-Kuddus Mosque in Gnjilane, Zekerija Cazimi, 34, has been placed under house arrest by the Basic Court in Pristina on suspicion of being one of the chief instigators of the jihad in Kosovo.

The court also placed another suspect, 27-year-old Liridon Kabasi from the village of Polac in the Srbica municipality, northern Kosovo, under house arrest.