Kosovo police

Arrested Imam Faces Terrorism Charges in Kosovo

Kosovo Police said the unnamed imam arrested in Gjilan was suspected of “encouraging jihad”, meaning “holy war”. They also said they found the cleric hiding in woods near his home.

Both arrested persons have allegedly recruited people for terrorist purposes and incited racial, religious and ethnic hatred.

Kosovo President Hails Round-up of Suspected Militants

The President of Kosovo, Atifete Jahjaga, on Monday praised the country's police for rounding up 40 suspected Islamist militants, saying that “Kosovo will not be a shelter for extremism.”

“We will never allow our country to become a source of criminal and terrorist acts that threaten peace and stability,” she said.

Kosovo Honors Killed Police Officer

Kosovo authorities commemorated the death of Zymberi and inaugurated a new building at the headquarters of the Kosovo Police in Pristina in honour of the police officer who was killed in the north of the country three years ago.

Bajram Rexhepi, outgoing Minister of interior, said “Enver Zymberi symbolizes the actions and the bravery of the Kosovo Police which has done a great job”.