Kosovo Security Force

"Thaci made promise to NATO in 2013 regarding North"

NATO sources explained that there was an exchange of letters between then Prime Minister Hashim Thaci and former Secretary General Andreas Fogh Rasmussen.

"Basically, then prime minister Thaci took an obligation that the KSF (Kosovo Security Force) would not go north of the Ibar River without an agreement with the KFOR commander," one NATO source explained to RFE.

Kosovo Hikes Defence Budget to Fund New Army

Kosovo's Defence Ministry will have six million more euros to spend in the 2019 budget than it had last year - after the country's parliament voted to expand the competences of the current lightly armed Kosovo Security Force, KSF, and start its transformation into a regular army.

The budget planned for defence in 2019 is 58.7 million euros; the previous year it was 52.3 million.

"Rosu can go to north without KFOR approval, KSF can't"

However, the Kosovo Security Force (KSF) can't, he said, according to Politika.

In an interview with the newspaper, Grasso said that "the special operations unit, which can be armed with long rifles" belongs to the Kosovo police and as such has the mandate to enforce the law throughout Kosovo "without the obligation to seek approval."