Kosovo's Central Election Commission

Kosovo Final Election Result Confirms Vetevendosje Victory

Kosovo's Central Election Commission, CEC, on Thursday announced the final results of the October 6 snap legislative elections, after a month of turmoil connected to problems with the count.

Snags included ballots sent from Serbia being poisoned, resulting in CEC officials being sent to hospital, to multiple arrests made in various municipalities for falsifying the vote count.

Kosovo Opposition Party Objects to Serb Election Candidates

At a meeting of Kosovo's Central Election Commission on Tuesday, Vetevendosje refused to vote in favour of certifying candidates from the Srpska Lista party to run in the May 19 polls, arguing that three of them had breached the constitution by resigning as mayors of the same municipalities in which they want to run for office again.

Final results of KiM elections, Serbs get 10 seats

PRISTINA - Kosovo's Central Election Commission (CEC) has announced the final results of the early June snap parliamentary elections in Kosovo-Metohija, according to which most seats in the new session of the provincial assembly, 37, go to a coalition led by Hasim Taci’s Democratic Party of Kosovo, and Serbs will have 10 members to represent them.