Legal Committee

Hungary Voices Outrage After Proposed Commissioner is Vetoed

Hungarian officials reacted with shock on Thursday after Laszlo Trocsanyi, the Hungarian candidate for the Enlargement and Neighbourhood Policy post in the European Commission, was deemed unfit to serve as a Commissioner by the Legal Affairs Committee of the European Parliament, JURI.

PSD's Dragnea on letter from Timmermans: None of the articles in law adopted by Parliament are unconstitutional

Speaker of the Deputies' Chamber Liviu Dragnea has stated that none of the articles recently adopted by Parliament in the justice laws violates "such principles or existing articles of the Criminal Codes" in the EU states.

US Embassy: Law breaking accusations against gov't officials must be thoroughly investigated, without interferences

Any accusations against government officials on breaking the law must be thoroughly and without interferences investigated and the law must be equally enforced for everybody, the US Embassy in Bucharest pointed out in the context of the request for the approval to open a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Victor Ponta.

Deputies' Chamber debates and votes on Tuesday on prosecutor general's request regarding PM Ponta

The Deputies' Chamber in a plenary session on Tuesday will debate and vote on the prosecutor general's demand regarding the draw-up of the request for opening a criminal investigation against Prime Minister Victor Ponta.