Legislative Committee

Montenegrin Parliament Moves to Debate Disputed Religion Law

The legislative committee of Montenegro's parliament endorsed on Tuesday a draft law on freedom of religion, the last hurdle before the legislation is debated by lawmakers on Thursday over fierce objections from the Serbian Orthodox Church, SPC.

Hundreds of Serb priests and monks protested in front of parliament before the committee session demanding the bill's withdrawal.

It's been decided: Law on religious freedom adopted, SPC priests gathered PHOTO/VIDEO

A legislative committee session is being held today in the building, on which the Government's Law on freedom of religion is on the agenda.
The Legislative Committee of the Montenegrin Parliament endorsed the majority vote by the government's Law on religious freedom.

FYROM parliament to vote on name deal on Wednesday

The Parliament of the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (FYROM) will ratify the deal reached with Greece on the name dispute on Wednesday, according to the country's MIA news agency.

The relevant draft bill will first be discussed at the European Affairs Committee before it is submitted to the Legislative Committee.