London School of Tropical Medicine

Bulgarian Dr. Markov: There is No Data on Difference in the Sickness Course of Omicron

There is no data on the difference in the course of the new version of COVID-19 - Omicron. This was explained in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria" by the epidemiologist and lecturer at the London School of Tropical Medicine Dr. Petar Markov.

Bulgarian Doctor: The Covid Certificate gives Freedom, it does not Take it Away

"Covid certification is a very powerful tool in the fight against the virus. The certificate gives freedoms, it does not take away freedoms. Lockdown is a very rough measure to solve the problem." This was said to BNR by Dr. Petar Markov, an epidemiologist, a lecturer at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Bulgarian Epidemiologist: Effectiveness of All Vaccines Is Very High between 86 and 92%

The effectiveness of all vaccines remains very high - between 86 and 92% with different drugs, with all variants of the virus so far.

This was stated to BTV by the epidemiologist Dr. Petar Markov, a lecturer at the London School of Tropical Medicine.

Epidemiologist: Restrictive Measures Should Be Restored before It is Too Late

"We are seeing a steady increase in the coronavirus incidence rate. Undoubtedly, the British strain is one of the reasons for this, but the return of school students to classes has also contributed to it. At the moment we witness a steep rise. In my opinion, we should think about restoring the measures before it is too late," Dr.