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The European Public Prosecutor's Office is Investigating a Criminal Group dealing in Luxury Cars in Bulgaria and France

The European Public Prosecutor's Office is conducting an investigation in Bulgaria and France into an alleged organized crime group dealing in luxury cars. Several locations in both countries were raided on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Bulgaria: 10 People were Detained for Migrant Trafficking in a Police Operation today

10 people were detained for illegal migrant trafficking during the specialized operation against illegal migration from today, BNT reported. 9 of them were detained by "Border Police", the tenth - by the Metropolitan Directorate of Internal Affairs.

Executive Director of Europol: Bulgaria has our Support for Schengen

The Minister of Internal Affairs of Bulgaria, Kalin Stoyanov, held a series of bilateral meetings in Luxembourg.

He met with the executive director of Europol, Catherine de Boll, and thanked her for the consistent support for our country in its efforts to join Schengen. Minister Stoyanov assured that Bulgaria will work actively to become part of the area by the end of the year.

An Early Warning system for Disasters and Accidents is being developed in Bulgaria

Hundreds of residents of Plovdiv and the region received messages yesterday about the earthquake, which occurred around 3:30 p.m. and had a magnitude of about 4.7 on the Richter scale. Today it became clear that the messages were not sent by the authorities in Bulgaria. Google generated them and are only for phones with the Android operating system.

"Vazrazhdane" admits that Bulgaria will Accept the Euro and wants to Postpone it As Long as Possible

Over 470,000 are the legitimate signatures for holding a referendum on whether Bulgaria should adopt the single European currency in 2025. This was shown by the check of over 600,000 signatures submitted by the "Vazrazhdane" (Revival) party, made by Main Directorate "Civil Registration and Administrative Service".

A Human Trafficking Network has been Neutralized on the territory of Bulgaria and Germany

With the support of Eurojust and Europol, the Regional and District Prosecutor's Office in Dobrich together with the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime", the police and the prosecutor's office of the city of Heilbronn, Germany, have taken action against an organized criminal group for human trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation, announced the Prosecutor's Office.

Assassination Attempt against the Bulgarian Prosecutor General (OVERVIEW)

An accident with the motorcade of the chief prosecutor Ivan Geshev occurred on the road between Sofia and Samokov. According to information from the National Television, the chief prosecutor was supposed to travel to Turkey. Before leaving, he decided to go to a meeting with junior prosecutors in the Samokov region.

Bulgaria: There is a Suspect for the Bomb Threats - Emails were sent to 102 Schools across the country

Officers from the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime" are working with two partner services on guidelines for a possible person involved in the bomb threats who is outside the territory of Bulgaria.

This was stated by the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petar Todorov, in Plovdiv.