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Montenegro Seeks Interpol Help in Plagiarism Row

Montenegro's prosecutor's office has told the country's police to seek Interpol's help to determine whether Science Minister Sanja Vlahovic plagiarised her scientific work, media reported on Thursday.

The state prosecutor interrogated Vlahovic in May over claims that she plagiarized her research on tourism, after a watchdog, the Center for Civic Education, filed a law suit.

Exhibition, special program to celebrate Chinese New Year

Exhibition, special program to celebrate Chinese New Year

BELGRADE -- The Chinese embassy and the Chinese Center at Megatrend University have opened a photo exhibition titled "Recollections of the People's Republic of China."

A special program to mark the coming of the Chinese New Year has also been organized.

Serbian Probe Finds Flaws in Megatrend University

Serbia's Commission for Accreditation and Quality Assurance said it had detected irregularities at a private college that has been at the centre of plagiarism claims concerning a government minister.

The most important noted flaw is in the field of PhD studies and teaching staff employed at the Belgrade-based Megatrend university.

Motion to protect academic honour in Serbia

BELGRADE - Over 1,800 scientists and university staff from Serbia and abroad backed the motion to protect academic honour in Serbia which has been submitted to the Ministry of Education, National Council for Higher Education, National Council for Scientific and Technological Development, Conference of the Universities of Serbia and the Commission for scientific titles.