Military Medical Academy

General Mutafchiiski with Special Award from Jewish Community in Bulgaria

Head of the Military Medical Academy (MMA) Major General Prof. Dr. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski, MD, was awarded by the Jewish community in Bulgaria for his contribution to the fight against COVID-19 and in recognition of the care for the victims of the  terroriatattack in Sarafovo in 2012.

Prof. Mutafchiiski Had a Third Dose. When and in Which Groups is it Recommended?

It has been proven that a certain period after immunization, the protection decreases. Therefore, I did not hesitate, as with the "first needle", to put a "third."

This is the argument of the deputy of the Military Medical Academy (MMA) Prof. Ventsislav Mutafchiiski. The hospital said that he and 11 other colleagues had received an additional dose of COVID vaccine.

Serbian Army youngest officers promoted; Vučić: "We have many challenges ahead" VIDEO

The ceremony is attended by the President of Serbia, Aleksandar Vui.
A total of 139 cadets of the Military Academy and the Medical Faculty of the Military Medical Academy were promoted to the first officer ranks.

Vui: "We have many challenges ahead of us"

Bulgaria: Green Corridors for Vaccination Reopen at Pirogov and Alexandrovska Hospitals


The "green corridors" for free vaccination against Covid-19 are working again, but under one condition: immunisation will be underway in major Sofia hospitals if there are no waiting patients listed for the first four phases of the vaccination plan. In some places, vaccines reserves are already exhausted and the sites are temporarily closed.