Ministry of Defence

The Russians have high priority... And they attack fiercely

"Ukrainian offensive operations continue to place pressure on Russian forces both in the north-east and in the Kherson region in the south. However, Russia continues to give high priority to its own offensive operations in the central Donbas sector, especially near the town of Bakhmut", the report specifies.

"Russians lie, there aren't that many of them"

This is the conclusion reached by the British Ministry of Defense in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine.
"Despite the war in Ukraine, on September 1, the Russian military started exercise Vostok 22, its Annual Joint Strategic Exercise, marking the culmination of the military training year", British Ministry wrote on Twitter.

Sergei Shoigu is being ridiculed by the Russian soldiers

According to recent reports by independent Russian media, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu ended up side-lined within Russia's leadership due to problems Russia is facing on the battlefield in Ukraine, with operational commanders briefing President Putin directly on the course of the war, the British Ministry of Defense states in its daily report on the situation in Ukraine.

The British announced: Russia controls most of Severodonetsk

According to them, this domination occurs after a month of intense fighting that caused "great collateral damage" in a strategically important city in eastern Ukraine.
In its latest report today, the Ministry noted that "it is unlikely that Russia was expecting such a "strong resistance" or "such an exhausting conflict".