Ministry of Defence

Britain’s UFO “X-Files” are released by the Ministry of Defence – but there’s a catch

It’s the moment UFO fans have been waiting for – a mysterious set of files referred to as ‘Britain’s X-Files’ have been opened to the public.

The National Archive opened up a cache of 15 ‘UFO’ files from the Ministry of Defence – including material relating to the Rendlesham Forest incident.

St. George's Day - Bravery Day and The Day of The Bulgarian Army Marked Today

On May 6, Bulgarians celebrate St. George's Day, also honoured as Bravery Day and the Day of the Bulgarian Army. 

The Ministry of Defence is warning people not to use drons in the area of the military parade today because of the risk of adverse events, reported BNR.

Both pilots killed in Super Galeb G-4 crash - MoD

BELGRADE - Both pilots were killed in Friday's crash of a Serbian Air Force Super Galeb G-4 training fighter jet, the Ministry of Defence has said in a statement.

The statement identified the pilots as Lt Col Nenad Culibrk from the Air Force and Air Defence Command and Capt Dejan Pandurovic from the 252nd School Training Aviation Squadron of the 204th Air Brigade.

Super Galeb G-4 jet crashes, search for pilots underway

BELGRADE - A Serbian Air Force Super Galeb G-4 training fighter jet crashed on Friday in the area of the Slatina village in the Ub municipality, central Serbia, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The two-seater plane crashed at around 10.30 am during routine flight training.

Tanjug file photo, D. Goll