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Super Galeb G-4 jet crashes, search for pilots underway

BELGRADE - A Serbian Air Force Super Galeb G-4 training fighter jet crashed on Friday in the area of the Slatina village in the Ub municipality, central Serbia, the Ministry of Defence has confirmed.

The two-seater plane crashed at around 10.30 am during routine flight training.

Tanjug file photo, D. Goll

Plan to service UK F-35 jets in Turkey sparks security concerns

Security concerns have been raised about plans to carry out major servicing work on the UK’s new F-35 fighter jets in Turkey.

SNP MP George Kerevan is to call for an inquiry into the policy in the light of last year’s attempted coup in Turkey and tensions with its Nato partners.

Major repairs to RAF combat jets have previously been carried out in the UK.

Secret plan: Britain planned to blow up Calais tunnel with nukes!

Britain planned to plant a nuclear bomb inside the Channel Tunnel to blow up the transport link in a desperate bid to severe ties with Europe. Previously top secret papers have revealed that officials once plotted the collapse of the tunnel between the UK and France in the event of an emergency.

Romania Plans to Bolster Army After Budget Hike

Romania's Defence Ministry presented its 2016 activity report under intense scrutiny concerning how it intends to spend its new increased budget.

Defence Minister Daniel Les said Romania's armes forces remained in urgent need of new equipment due to under-funding over several years.

In 2016, Romania bought its first F-16 Fighting Falcon jets, he noted.

Serbian Army Depot Blast Kills One, Injures 25

Serbia's defence ministry announced that one army staff member was killed and another 25 army and police personnel were injured as they battled to extinguish a blaze following an explosion on Tuesday at the military repair depot in the central Serbian town of Kragujevac.

The ministry said it is still searching for three missing people.

British warships ‘so noisy’ Russian submarines can hear them 100 miles away, investigation finds

Britain’s ability to defend itself against a major attack has been called into question after an investigation found serious shortcomings in the country’s military capabilities.


The Navy’s Type 45 destroyers are so loud they can be heard 100 miles away by Russian submarines, it has emerged.


Bulgarian Govt Grants BGN 9.3 M More for MiG-29 Aircraft

At its last meeting, the Borisov 2 cabinet allocated additional funding for the MiG-29 fighter aircraft. The Defence Ministry received an additional BGN 9.3 M.

The former soldier barracks in Aytos become the property of the local authorities. The airport in Ravnets, which is no longer needed by the Ministry of Defence, is transferred to Burgas municipality.