Ministry of Education

New rules when entering Serbia. The question of schools remains open VIDEO

This means that catering facilities and shopping malls remain closed until further notice. The special decision was made after the request made by the Ministry of Education regarding the regular assessment of students. New rules for entering Serbia are coming into force.

Urgent Info: Sofia Mayor to Propose New Restrictions

Today, at a meeting of Sofia Task Force Headquarters set up to control the spread of COVID-19, Mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova intends to propose two new measures against the spread of Covid-19:

1. All school students from 5th through 12th grade in Sofia to switch over to online learning for a period of 2 weeks (from 15 to 26 March, inclusive).

Bulgaria: Mass Covid Testing in Schools, Pros and Cons

"When it comes to testing children we first consult with the parents who are our main and most important partner. To see what their attitudes are in general in terms of whether it makes sense to test children with antigen tests", Greta Gancheva, Director of the "Inclusive Education" Directorate with the Ministry of Education told Nova TV.

Access to school of children with COVID-19 symptoms to be restricted for 14 days unless tested

Education Minister Sorin Cimpeanu said on Tuesday that if parents refuse to give their consent on their school children who show symptoms of COVID-19 being tested, in-person access of such children will be restricted for 14 days. "From my point of view, the information has been the same from the beginning. The form is not mandatory.

Sofia Is Infection Hot Spot Again, Measures May Be Tightened

"Sofia is again in the "red zone" after a new spike in the number of people infected with coronavirus. The situation is getting alarming and tense. What worries us is the gradual rise in hospitalizations," Dr. Dancho Penchev, Director of Sofia Regional Health Inspectorate (SRHI), told bTV.

Schools closing again on Monday in two regions after infections increased

Ljubljana – The Ministry of Education has notified schools in Zasavje and Obalno-Kraška regions that schools and kindergartens will have to close once again on Monday. The decision comes only two days after pupils of the first three grades and kindergartners were allowed back in nine of Slovenia’s 12 administrative regions after more than three months.