Ministry of Finance

Some subsidies to continue as handout expectations are dampened

Government plans call for a gradual withdrawal of income support measures, as the country must once again produce significant primary budget surpluses. Accordingly, the Ministry of Finance has tried to contain expectations of handouts at Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis' keynote speech at the Thessaloniki International Fair on September 9.

Tax revenue exceeds goals, but officials try to dampen handout expectations

Tax revenue in July exceeded the government's expectations, meaning that it will be able to achieve the primary budget surplus demanded by the European Union.

But Ministry of Finance officials were trying Thursday to dampen excessive expectations of handouts to be announced at the Thessaloniki International Fair (TIF) early next month.

Race to absorb EU funds

The Ministry of Finance is preparing the final revision of the 2014-20 Partnership Agreement with the hope of absorbing the total amount of the €23.5 billion - €19.73 billion from the European Structural and Investment Funds and the rest in matching funds provided by Greece - allocated to 11 "Thematic Objectives" plus technical assistance.

Debt settlements to banks, state at €2.65 bln

A total of €2.65 billion in private debt to banks - or, more accurately, to the recovery funds that bought delinquent loans from banks - and the state has been settled so far this year outside the courts, through 7,257 cases, the Ministry of Finance announced.

Of those, 931 settlements worth €400 million were made in July alone, the ministry added.

Mali: Belgrade to be centre of world during EXPO 2027

BELGRADE - EXPO Belgrade 2027 will hugely contribute to development of Belgrade and Serbia, it is a great honour to Serbia and it will be the biggest-ever event hosted by the country, Finance Minister Sinisa Mali said on Wednesday, noting that Belgrade would be the centre of the world over the course of the three months of the expo.