Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Lavrov: After the Mess Up in Bulgaria, our Embassy cannot Function Normally

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said today that the country's embassy in Sofia cannot work normally at the moment. According to him, the decision to expel dozens of diplomats and administrative officials is an "illegal mess up" of a prime minister with a "pro-American orientation".

History: How many Times were Diplomatic Relations between Russia and Bulgaria Severed

If we look at history, there are not many cases in which relations between Bulgaria and Russia at the state level were as bad as they are at the moment.

The war in Ukraine and the wider conflict between the West and Russia have led to a situation unprecedented in the last 30 years, in which Moscow and Sofia are on the verge of severing diplomatic relations.

Bulgaria: The Decision to Expel the Russian Diplomats has been made. There is No Going Back

"The decision to expel 70 Russian diplomats has been made and there is no going back. The Bulgarian interest is that there is no interference from the Russian side in our economy and politics", announced the Minister of Innovation and Growth in resignation Daniel Lorer to BNT.

Petkov: The Decision for the Russian Diplomats was Not Mine Alone

"There is an interdepartmental report from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and there is a decision of the Security Council, which was attended by the Ministers of Interior, Defense, Foreign Affairs, Deputy Minister of Finance, Minister of e-Government, Chief of Defense, Secretary-General of the Ministry of Interior, SANS, the chairman of Intelligence Agency director of Military Int

North Macedonia Postpones the Debate on the "French Proposal"

The Speaker of the Parliament of North Macedonia Talat Xhaferi did not put to the vote the proposal of the coordinator of the parliamentary group of VMRO-DPMNE Nikola Mitseski, who asked at yesterday's parliamentary session to consider the issue of negotiations with Sofia and the negotiating framework with the EU, BGNES reports.

Bulgarian MFA: We Expect the Albanian PM to Express Himself as a Politician from an EU Candidate Country

"Bulgaria has always been among those countries of the European Union that support the European affiliation of the Albanian people". This was stated by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in a position on the occasion of yesterday's speech by the Albanian Prime Minister Edi Rama.

The New “Anti-Petkov” Coalition Ruined the Meeting of the Commission for North Macedonia

At the suggestion of DPS and GERB and with the support of "There Is Such a People" and "Vazrazhdane", the meeting of the parliamentary commission, which was to hear Foreign Minister Teodora Genchovska on the French proposal for negotiations with North Macedonia, was postponed.

Bulgarian PM: We have already Done Enough to Support Ukraine

"This discussion about whether we will give weapons to Ukraine or not, we already had it, we have a decision of the National Assembly, we will abide by the decision". This was stated by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov.

"The first machines for repair are coming, which we promised, we will do that", Petkov stressed.