Ministry of Foreign Affairs

In 5 Months Bulgaria has Exported over 1 Billion Euros worth of Weapons

In five months, Bulgaria exported weapons with a total value of 1,016,336,858 euros, reported BGNES.

The information is from the period March 1 to August 1, 2022. For the specified period, 289 permits were issued for the export and transfer of defense-related products.

The Foreign Ministry will Demand the Access of Bulgarian Citizens to North Macedonia to be Ensured

Bulgaria will demand with a note to provide access to people traveling to North Macedonia for the worshiping of the Gotse Delchev memorial on February 4. Representatives of the Bulgarian embassy there will also take part in the celebrations.

The State Sent a Plane to transport the Bulgarian Beaten in North Macedonia for treatment in Bulgaria

The government plane "Falcon" with a team from the Military Academy on board will transport Hristiyan Pendikov, who was attacked in Ohrid, to Bulgaria, announced the press service of the Council of Ministers.

Bulgaria’s MFA summons the Macedonian Ambassador because of the Beating of a Bulgarian in Ohrid

The ambassador of the Republic of North Macedonia in Bulgaria will be summoned to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and will be handed a protest note in connection with a serious criminal act committed against a citizen of the Republic of North Macedonia with a Bulgarian identity and secretary of the "Tsar Boris III" organization in the city of Ohrid, announced the Bulgarian fore

The Caretaker Government with a Report on its Work: Our Policies changed the Lives of Bulgarians For the Better

The caretaker government held an open meeting, at which it presented a report on the work done within its mandate. At the beginning of his report, acting Prime Minister Galab Donev noted that the caretaker cabinet found the country at a standstill, but has improved coordination and communication between institutions, and with its policies has changed people's lives for the better.