Ministry of Health

Bulgaria will receive in its Hospitals some of the Injured from the Gas Station Explosions in Romania

Admission to Bulgarian hospitals is being organized for some of the victims of the gas station explosions near the Romanian town of Crevedia, the Ministry of Health announced.

The number of people injured in two explosions at an unlicensed liquefied petroleum gas filling station north of Bucharest rose to 57. Two people died.

The Albanian Parliament approved the Legalization of Cannabis for Medical and Industrial Purposes

The Albanian parliament has approved a draft law on the use of cannabis for medical and industrial purposes, Albanian media reported.

According to information from Albanian media, the draft law also specifies a series of criteria that must be met by those who want to obtain a permit to grow the plant, as well as sanctions in case of possible violations.

Terrorist attack. The Russians are clear: they launched an attack

The National Anti-Terrorism Committee claims that the attack was carried out by Ukrainian drones.
"At 3:05 a.m., two Ukrainian drones attacked the Crimean bridge as a result of a terrorist act, part of the pavement on the bridge was damaged. Two adults were killed and one child was injured," the Committee said in a statement.

Dramatic footage tours the world: They were hit, first photos released PHOTO/VIDEO

Let's recall that two people were killed today and one child was injured on the Crimean Bridge, while traffic was stopped due to damage to the roadway, the Russian news agency RIA reported, citing the Ministry of Health of the Krasnodar Region.

Morning in Ukraine. Something happened to the Crimean bridge.

COVID-19 in Bulgaria: Starting Today Some Certificates will No Longer be Valid

Certificates of post-illness and negative test for Covid-19 will no longer be valid, starting today.

By order of the Minister of Health, Hristo Hinkov, only the issuance of vaccination certificates remains possible. They are the only documents that will be generated on the website of the National Health Information System.

The boy seriously wounded in "Ribnikar" will have to continue treatment in Chicago

The State Secretary at the Ministry of Health stated that the boy who was seriously wounded at the "Vladislav Ribnikar" Elementary School will most likely continue his treatment in Chicago.
The boy is currently at the Institute for Mother and Child, with serious neck and spine injuries, Mirsad Djerlek reminded.

Urgent inspection due to complaints about Dr Ranka Radulović's sessions

The surveillance was ordered after Slobodan Negi, the father of the murdered girl in "Vladislav Ribnikar" elementary school, stated that doctor Ranka Radulovi held a session with the children in that school without the knowledge of the parents, just two days after the massacre.