Ministry of Internal Affairs

Bulgaria: 25 Migrants were Detained near Simeonovgrad

Employees of the Regional Office of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in Dimitrovgrad found a bus that was transporting 25 illegal migrants from Afghanistan. A pre-trial proceeding has been initiated in the case, the press center of the prosecutor's office announced. The driver of the truck D.G. (34 years old) was initially detained for up to 24 hours and is yet to be charged.

The Migrant Pressure on Bulgaria Intensifies: 1.6 times Increase in the Number of People Caught

16,767 migrants were detained in Bulgaria in 2022, which is almost 6,000 more than in the previous year, 2021, when the number of arrests was 10,799. This is another testimony to the increased migrant pressure in the last one year, according to Interior Ministry statistics.

Pollock's Painting, found in Bulgaria, was part of Ceausescu's Personal Collection

The picture of Jackson Pollock, which was discovered in Bulgaria by the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime", was part of the personal collection of the Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu, reported the Bulgarian National Television from sources familiar with the investigation.

This is evident from a stamp in Romanian on the back of the picture.

The Jackson Pollock Painting discovered in Bulgaria is an Original

At the moment, the examinations show that the painting by Jackson Pollock, which was discovered in Bulgaria by the Main Directorate "Fighting Organized Crime", is an original. This was stated on the Bulgarian National Television by the Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Petar Todorov.

Interior Minister: Attempts to Enter Bulgaria Illegally have Increased by 30% this year

"The migrant pressure we are under is unprecedented. The growth of attempts to cross the Bulgarian border since the beginning of this year is 30 percent." This was stated by the Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Ivan Demerdzhiev in a comment on the migrant pressure. Demerdzhiev is in Stara Zagora to attend the annual report of the Regional Directorate of Internal Affairs.

92-Year-Old Bulgarian caught Driving without a License…AGAIN

The police again caught 92-year-old Stefan Stefanov from Sliven driving his unregistered car without a license.

The signal that the man got behind the wheel again was received on March 13, and immediate actions were taken by Security and Traffic Police officers, reports the Regional Directorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In 5 Months Bulgaria has Exported over 1 Billion Euros worth of Weapons

In five months, Bulgaria exported weapons with a total value of 1,016,336,858 euros, reported BGNES.

The information is from the period March 1 to August 1, 2022. For the specified period, 289 permits were issued for the export and transfer of defense-related products.

North Macedonia Promised to Not Allow Incidents during the Celebration of Gotse Delchev, Bulgaria with Measures against Provocateurs

The Ministry of Internal Affairs of North Macedonia will take all necessary measures to ensure that the celebration of the anniversary of the birth of Gotse Delchev passes without incident. This was assured by the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of North Macedonia Oliver Spasovski after a meeting with his Bulgarian colleague Ivan Demerdzhiev.