Ministry of Internal Affairs

Burgas Kidnapping: Three Perpetrators Apprehended in Swift Police Action

Three men have been detained after kidnapping a 19-year-old youth in Burgas, Nova TV reported.

The victim was forced into a car and taken to the yard of a university in the city.

After numerous threats and a pistol shot, he was forced to lie on the ground and wait for the perpetrators to withdraw.

Cross-Border Pursuit: Suspects in North Macedonian Murders Flee to Bulgaria

Three suspects in the murder of a 14-year-old girl from Skopje and a 74-year-old man from Veles have been detained, the Ministry of Internal Affairs in North Macedonia announced late last night. Today, the Minister of the Interior, Oliver Spasovski, said that two more people are being sought, one of whom is said to have gone first to Belgrade and then to Bulgaria.

Serbia Bolsters Border Security, Plans Increased Police Presence along Bulgaria Border

Amid growing concerns over illegal migration, Serbian Interior Minister Bratislav Gasic reaffirmed the country's commitment to thwarting unlawful crossings during a visit to the Regional Border Police Center for Bulgaria. Reports from Serbian media outlined his statements, indicating a heightened focus on curbing illegal migration, particularly from Bulgaria and North Macedonia.

Leadership Update: Deputy Chief Secretary Change at Bulgarian Interior Ministry

Stanimir Stanev has been released from the post of Deputy Chief Secretary of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Stanev was in hospital for a long time. The previous deputy the chief secretary was released on the initiative of the leadership of the Ministry of Internal Affairs because he is of retirement age.

The British Minister for Immigration is Visiting Bulgaria

A British delegation led by the Minister of State for Immigration Robert Jenrick arrives on a visit to Bulgaria. He will meet with the Minister of Internal Affairs Kalin Stoyanov. The two will discuss joint efforts to combat illegal migration, including disrupting logistics chains for migrant traffickers. This was announced by the press center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

Crime in Bulgaria: Overall Decrease, But Domestic Violence Spikes

In an interview with the Bulgarian Telegraph Agency, Chief Secretary Zhivko Kotsev of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reported a 3.7% decrease in overall crime compared to last year. Notably, crimes against persons, car thefts, and property theft have seen a decline, while crimes solved have increased by 3%.

Pressing the Wrong Button caused the Panic after the Messages 'Caution! Danger!’ in Bulgaria

The panic caused by strange messages on the mobile phones of hundreds of citizens, accompanied by a loud beep, last night, has a banal explanation - a wrongly pressed button.

This was understood from the explanations of the owner of the system integrator Nikolay Simeonov to bTV.