Ministry of Justice

Information Campaign Launched for Bulgarians Abroad Related to Child Protection

The Bulgarian Ministry of Justice has launched an information campaign targeting Bulgarians abroad and related to the protection of their children. It is in response to reports of recent cases in which social services took the children of immigrants from Bulgaria because of alleged risks to them in the family.

Situation of convicts in Romania who carry out their sentence in Italy discussed by JusMin, Italian Ambassador

The Minister of Justice, Stelian Ion, on Friday discussed with the Italian Ambassador to Romania, Marco Giungi, about the situation of persons who were convicted in Romania but carry out their sentence in Italy, expressing their intention to analyze in the future the resumption of the exchange of liaison magistrates.

Bulgarian Sentenced to 27-Year Jail Term for Crime He Didn’t Commit

An 85-year-old Bulgarian man has been sentenced to 27 years in prison and a €53,000 fine for trafficking migrants into Greece. The absurdity of this case is that the man never set foot in our southern neighbor. The man was accused of transporting refugees in a truck he bought in Sweden.

Deutsche Welle: Planes, Restaurants, Hotels for Vaccinated Customers Only?

The scientists of Europe are pushing for even more radical measures against coronavirus, Deutsche Welle says. In their opinion, this is the only way to deal with high mortality. Will restaurants, hotels, clubs and airlines allow only vaccinated customers from now on?

About 78,000 Macedonians Applied for Bulgarian Citizenship within Last Decade

In the last ten years - from 1 January 2010 to 22 October 2020 - a total of 77 829 applications for granting Bulgarian citizenship were filed submitted by citizens of the Republic of North Macedonia. Almost all are applications are based on Bulgarian origin.

Albania Govt Moves Again to Toughen Defamation Penalties

The Ministry of Justice in Albania on Thursday said it is working on changes to the penal code that include upping the fines to 4.5 million leks (36,000 euros) for defamation, and extending responsibility not only to journalists but also to editors and directors of media outlets and others.