Ministry of Labor

Greek minimum wage: How from 751 it will reach close to 780 euros

An increase of between 5.5% and 9.5% is expected to be given to the minimum wage on April 1st after the completion of the prescribed procedure for determining the amount of the wages.

According to information, the new minimum wage will be over 751 euros (an increase of 5.5%), while in the most optimistic scenario it will reach close to 780 euros (an increase of 9.5%).

Germany to Reduce Heating in Public Buildings to 19 Degrees

Germany, which fears a shortage of gas, this winter will limit heating in public buildings with a thermostat that will not be able to exceed 19 degrees, announced the Minister of Economy Robert Habeck.

The environmentalist Habeck, who is also the climate minister, already in July presented energy saving measures.

“Fast track” assessment of the economy in the midst of a general strike

Outstanding pensions, court decisions on retroactive pension amounts, raising the minimum wage and the financial productivity incentives of civil servants introduced by the government, are once again entering the crisis of the European institutions, according to the 14th assessment of the national economy.

Rapid deterioration of the demographic problem – A time-bomb ticking on the foundations of pensions

The reduction in births and the doubling of the elderly is a -potentially- demographic time-bomb that puts the future of the insurance system and the possibility of providing guaranteed -in terms of amount and continuity- pensions in doubt .

PM Citu: Ordinance regarding energy price subsidies discussed in first lecture; price capping also approached

Prime Minister Florin Citu said, on Wednesday, that an ordinance aimed at subsidizing energy and gas prices was discussed in first lecture, among other topics, in the Government sitting. "It's about subsidizing the prices for energy and gas. I had a very good talk in the Government session today.

Hatzidakis to – In two months we will issue 30,000 pensions per month

Payment of pensions, including retroactive ones, and service to the citizen are the issues that social security organization EFKA seeks to address as a matter of priority, according to what the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs, Kostis Hatzidakis, said speaking at the stand of at the Thessaloniki International fair