Montenegrin government

Montenegro is not withdrawing its decision to expel the Serbian Ambassador

The outgoing Montenegrin government welcomed Serbia's decision not to expel Montenegrin Ambassador to Belgrade Tarzan Milosevic in accordance with reciprocity measures, and said that they would not give up on the decision to expel Serbian Ambassador to Podgorica Vladimir Bozovic.

EU Urges Montenegro to Revoke Expulsion of Serbian Ambassador

Vladimir Bozovic attending the Serbian National Council conference in Podgorica. Photo: Serbian Embassy in Montenegro

Montenegrin authorities on November 28 declared ambassador Vladimir Bozovic persona non grata, citing allegedly unacceptable statements about the history and statehood of the country.

Government’s Public Sector Hiring Spree Rankles Montenegro’s Next Rulers

With four political blocs still working to create a new government in the wake of the end-August election, DPS Prime Minister Dusko Markovic has put his signature to a string of new hires, drawing fire from civil society groups that say such posts should only be filled by the incoming government. Some say the recruitment drive lacks any legal basis.

Don’t Blame Balkan Citizens For the Latest COVID Surge

What explains this shift, from being the region that initially had among the fewest cases in Europe, to a surge?

Some country-specific reasons might explain individual cases, such as recent elections in Serbia and North Macedonia, or the government crisis in Kosovo, or protests in Montenegro and Serbia. However, none provides an overarching regional perspective.

Montenegro - the Second Country in Europe to Report a Win Over the Coronavirus

Last night, Montenegro became the second country in Europe to officially report they are free of active COVID-19 cases.

Montenegro has now joined the Faroe Islands the only two European countries to have zero active cases of the coronavirus.

The government of Montenegro made the announcement publicly last night on their official Twitter account.