Montenegrin Interior Ministry

Montenegro Hosts NATO Exercise Amid Russian Tension

An international military exercise called "Montenegro 2016", involving servicemen and women from the 32 NATO member and partner countries, started in the capital Podgorica on Monday

The consequence management field exercise, organized jointly by the Euro-Atlantic Disaster Response Coordination Centre, EADRCC, and the Montenegrin Interior Ministry, ends on Friday.

Montenegro Deploys Software to Detect Fake Voters

On Tuesday, the Montenegrin Interior Ministry signed a 2 million euro contract for an automated fingerprint identification system called  AFIS.

The AFIS system, originally developed by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation for use in criminal cases, will compare nationally issued ID cards and fingerprints with the voters registry. AFIS will be operational within three months.

Kosovo and Montenegro to Sign Border Deal

Rasko Konjevic, Montenegrin Interior Minister, and his Kosovo counterpart, Bajram Rehxepi, were scheduled to sign a demarcation agreement in Pristina on Wednesday.

"The demarcation [of the border] with a neighbouring country is Montenegro's obligation in the EU accession process," the Montenegrin Interior Ministry said in a statement.