Montenegrin police

"No soldiers among Russians killed and injured in Syria"

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced this on Tuesday.

"There are Russian nationals in Syria who have come there of their free will and for different goals. It is not for the Foreign Ministry to assess the legitimacy and legality of such decisions they have made," said a statement carried by TASS.

Pristina would like to change Serb Municipalities agreement

Arifi told Pristina-based Zeri newspaper that it was "clear" that the ZSO "needs to be in line with the Constitutional Courts ruling" - and that to this end "a new draft agreement should be put together."

He also "denied any possibility of discussions for an exchange of the territories" - as "Kosovo has nothing to share or exchange with anyone."

Pristina's bid to become EU candidate "could be rejected"

RTK in Serbian is reporting that Nataliya Apostolova said this during a conference organized by the Kosovo Foundation for Open Society (KFOS).

"I'm afraid that member countries may reject the application. What counts in this process is the dialogue between Kosovo and Serbia and fight against organized crime and corruption", Apostolova said.

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