Montenegrin police

Plan to Net 'Pink Panthers' Mulled in Montenegro

Senior police investigators from Europe, Japan and the United Arab Emirates gathered in Budva, Montenegro, on Wednesday to share information about ongoing investigations into the so-called "Pink Panther" robberies around the world.

The meeting is part of an Interpol operation against the gang, most of whose members come from the former Yugoslavia.

Montenegrin Journalists Condemn Fresh Attacks

Montenegrin police are searching for the unknown perpetrators of two attacks on the property of journalists in the north of the country.

Unknown persons vandalized the car of journalist Zorica Bulatovic when it was parked in front of her home in the town of Kolasin. After the attack, Bulatovic was placed under police protection.

FARC Arms Traffickers Arrested in Montenegro

Police in Podgorica on Thursday confirmed the arrest of three international arms traffickers suspected of conspiring to sell large weaponry to FARC rebels in Colombia, a movement designated as a terrorist organization.

The two Romanians, Cristian Vintila, 44, and Virgil Flaviu Georgescu, 42, and an Italian, Massimo Romagnoli, 43, were arrested on Monday and Tuesday.