Mountain Rescue Service

Bulgarian MRS: There is still Danger of Avalanches

There is still a danger of avalanches in the mountains, the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) to the Bulgarian Red Cross told Focus News Agency. Skiers are advised to stay on the marked slopes.
Morning temperatures in the mountains range from zero to minus 10 degrees C. The resorts and ski centres are operating subject to the weather conditions.

Experienced Mountaineer Died on his Way to Mount Botev

A middle-aged man from Karlovo died today on the way to Botev peak, Mayor of Kalofer Rumen Stoyanov announced. He was an experienced mountaineer, but slipped and fell into a abyss.

The incident happened 40 minutes from the hut "Paradise", at the beginning of the Tarzanova path. Stoyanov recalled that this is a summer trail and in winter it is risky.

MRS: Good Weather Conditions for Mountain Tourism in Bulgaria

There are good conditions for tourism in the mountains, the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) to the Bulgarian Red Cross told Focus News Agency. It is cold in the mountains, between minus 3 and minus 10 degrees C. There is light to strong wind and 10 to 52 cm of snow in the Balkan Mountain Range.

Conditions for Hiking in the Bulgarian Mountains are Bad

The conditions for hiking in the mountains are bad, Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) announced to the Bulgarian Red Cross.
Ski and hiking conditions are not suitable anywhere because of the bad weather in the high mountains except Pirin. The overgrown belt is foggy, low in temperature and in most places there is a very strong wind.

Second Day 30 Mountain Rescuers Search for a Man Lost in the Balkan Mountain

 For the second day 30 mountain rescuers are searching for a missing man on the ridge between Dobrila and Ambaritsa huts in the Balkan Mountain, the Mountain Rescue Service told Focus News Agency. Two new teams are preparing to join the search, from Plovdiv and Sofia.

Mountain Rescue Teams Searched for Tourist near Rila Monastery

Sofia. Mountain rescue teams searched for a tourist in the area of the Rila Monastery last night, the Mountain Rescue Service to the Bulgarian Red Crosstold Focus News Agency. The search operation started at 7.30 pm on Sunday and continued until 2.00 today. The man has a sprained ankle.

MRS Team Took Korean Tourist with Injured Ankle Down the Mountain from Rila Lakes

Kyustendil. A Korean tourist with a slight injury in the ankle was taken down the mountain from the Rila Lakes yesterday, with the help of a rescue team, the Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) told Focus News Agency. The accident was reported at about 12.30, while at 3.00 pm the rescue operation was over. The woman is currently in a stable condition.