municipal police force

Athens Municipal Police back on duty

The municipal police force will get back to Athens’s streets as of next week, according to an announcement of Municipality of Athens, two years after it was disbanded.

The city force will be informing residents and visitors of their role and responsibilities by distributing informative leaflets as part of an information campaign which will last until October 25.

SYRIZA candidate promises rehiring of 'unlawfully' sacked civil servants

Alexis Mitropoulos, a SYRIZA candidate for Attica, on Tuesday promised that if the leftist party forms a government after Sunday's elections, it will rehire civil servants "who were unconstitutionally and unlawfully fired" as part of Greece's public sector streamlining.

Court approves law for return of Greece's municipal police force

The Council of State, Greece?s highest administrative court, on Tuesday approved the government?s plan to re-establish the municipal police within the national force.

The municipal police was disbanded in the summer of 2013 as part of the government?s drive to meet the public sector mobility scheme targets.

City Hall presses for rehiring of ex municipal police officers

City Hall is pressing for former municipal police officers who have not been rehired as employees of the Greek Police force to be taken on to staff "critical services."

In a statement late on Thursday, City Hall called on the Administrative Reform Ministry to accept its appeal "even at the eleventh hour" and rehire the staff.