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Webb telescope to look for first light of cosmic dawn

Peering into deep space and billions of years back in time, the James Webb telescope promises to offer the clearest glimpse yet of the Universe's cosmic dawn, when the earliest galaxies began to form.

The largest and most powerful telescope ever to be launched into space, which will take over from Hubble, will "directly observe a part of space and time never seen before," says NASA.

Touring NASA exhibition opens in Istanbul

The NASA Space Adventure Exhibition, which has been visited by more than 4 million people in 12 countries in four years, is now open to visitors in Istanbul's Ataşehir district.

Established by HUPALUPA Expo on an area of 2,300 square meters in Metropol Istanbul Mall, the exhibition hosts more than 200 works, including life-size works that have witnessed NASA space missions.

NASA: Νέα αναβολή στην πέμπτη επανδρωμένη αποστολή της SpaceX προς τον Διεθνή Διαστημικό Σταθμό

Η NASA καθυστέρησε την προγραμματισμένη εκτόξευση για ιατρικούς λόγους