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New Era of Spaceflight: Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley, First Austronauts from US since 2011

A new era of human spaceflight is set to begin as American astronauts once again launch on an American rocket from American soil to the International Space Station as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. NASA astronauts Robert Behnken and Douglas Hurley will fly on SpaceX's Crew Dragon spacecraft, lifting off on a Falcon 9 rocket at 4:33 p.m.

The Sun Has Not Been This Quiet Since the Ice Age

At the center of our solar system, the sun is a constant force keeping planets in orbit, providing Earth with just the right amount of light and warmth for life and even governing our daily schedules. While we're used to the sun rising and setting each day, the sun itself is incredibly dynamic.

Currently, it's going through a less activephase, called a solar minimum.

Enormous Asteroid to Fly Pass Earth. For Now There is no Danger of a Collision

An enormous asteroid will make a close approach to Earth today. The asteroid, dubbed 52768 (1998 OR2), was identified by NASA as "particularly dangerous". The asteroid is not new to humanity. It was discovered in 1998 and passed the Earth in 2009, but at a distance of about 27 million km, moving at a speed of about 12 km / sec, Nova TV recalls.

Hubble telescope celebrates 30th year in space

Scientists on April 24 celebrated the Hubble Space Telescope's 30th anniversary with a new image of a satellite galaxy of the Milky Way.

In a statement, U.S. space agency NASA said the galaxy in the image - located 163,000 light-years away- away from Earth- and included the giant red nebula NGC 2014, as well as its smaller blue neighbor NGC 2020.

Today is Friday the 13th - a Date That is Often Associated with Bad Luck

Today is Friday the 13th - a date that is often associated with bad luck. Over the day, millions of superstitious people will avoid meeting black cats, stay away from mirrors for fear of breaking them. Here are some of the most sinister events that happen on this date:

1. Lightning strike

Solar Orbiter blasts off to capture first look at sun's poles

Europe and NASA's Solar Orbiter rocketed into space on Feb. 9 night on an unprecedented mission to capture the first pictures of the sun's elusive poles.

"We're on the way to the sun. Go Solar Orbiter!" said Cesar Garcia Marirrodriga, project manager for the European Space Agency. "It's a fantastic moment ... it's like, well, we're unstoppable."