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Sarajevo Politician Champions Legislation to Outlaw Hate Speech

Damir Marjanovic, a member of the Sarajevo Canton parliament from the liberal, multi-ethnic Nasa Stranka (Our Party), told BIRN that he has filed the proposal for new legislation to the Cantonal Assembly because there is a real need for a clear and precise law that will enable people to be sanctioned for hate speech.

Nearly 900 Asteroids Are Potentially Dangerous to the Earth Over the Next 100 Years

878 asteroids are likely to collide with the Earth in the next 100 years, according to the European Space Agency, quoted by Daily Mail.

This risk should be kept to a minimum because even a small asteroid impact could result in devastating damage, according to scientists at the agency.

NASA and ESA Are Planning a World-Saving Mission to Deflect an Asteroid by Spacecraft

NASA and the European Space Agency are teaming up for an ambitious mission to use spacecraft to deflect an asteroid.

Researchers and engineers from the two agencies are meeting in Rome next week to discuss an idea they believe is a viable method to protect our planet, according to BGNES.

Asteroid with the Size of Empire State Building Set to Fly Past Earth Next Month

A skyscraper-sized asteroid will cross near Earth on September 14, according to the British newspaper Independent, quoted by BNT.

The asteroid is named 2000 QW7 and is between 290 and 650 meters in size. The celestial body is moving at 23 170 kilometers per hour and will travel 5.3 million kilometers from our planet.