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Russian Humanoid Robot Fyodor's Spacecraft Failed to Dock at the ISS

The Soyuz MS-14 spacecraft with the first humanoid robot Fyodor, failed to dock at the International Space Station (ISS) at the scheduled time - 8:30 am, BTA reported.

The ship approached the station and remained 96 meters to dock, but then began to move away and is now 280 meters away from the ISS.

Amazon Rainforest Fire: Extensive Toxic Cloud in the Southern Hemisphere

A huge toxic carbon monoxide cloud is floating south of the equator, according to NASA data interpreted by extreme weather portal Severe Weather Europe. The poison has spread mainly over Central South America, but currents extend it all the way to the west coast of Mexico and the southernmost parts of Africa, Nikolay Vasilkovski wrote for NOVA TV.

The Russian Humanoid Robot "Fyodor" Has Been Sent into Space

Russian robot Fyodor or Fedor, officially designated Skybot F-850, has flown into space, international media reported.

The Soyuz capsule brought the humanoid robot into orbit, then headed for the International Space Station. 

"He made it to orbit and is en route to the International Space Station," NASA spokesperson Rob Navias said

Space Tourism - Why Not?

Space tourism no longer looks that far. At this point, 573 is the number of people who flied into the space, but projections suggest that it will increase many times over. Over time, it seems more and more realistic that not only the wealthiest will be able to live out what has been reserved for seriously trained astronauts for decades.

'Space Adventure' travelling exhibition officially opens in Bucharest

The "Space Adventure" travelling exhibition mounted by the United States Space & Rocket Center and the NASA Visitor Center, opened officially on Tuesday at Romexpo, C3 Pavilion, Bucharest. Covering almost 2,500 square meters, with over 100 unique exhibits, the exhibition presents the history of conquering space, giving visitors a chance to take a virtual trip in space.