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Yesterday's Solar Eclipse Was First of Six Eclipses In 2019 With 'Super Wolf Blood Moon' Up Next

Are you ready for five more incredible eclipses in 2019? Yesterday's partial solar eclipse peaked in northeast Russia when 60% of the Sun was blocked by the Moon, but there are five more eclipses coming up this year that deserve your attention, according to FORBES. 

Mars InSight: NASA's New Mission to the Red Planet About to Attempt Daring Touchdown (VIDEOS AND PICTURES)

Six years after NASA's Curiosity rover landed on Mars in what has gone down in history as the seven minutes of terror, scientists are about to attempt to land a new spacecraft on the Red Planet, ABC News Reported. 

The Mars InSight lander, which blasted off in May, is due to touchdown tomorrow morning (November 27) just before 7:00am AEDT.

NASA Predicts People on Mars Within 25 Years

US space agency NASA believes it can put humans on Mars within 25 years but the technological and medical hurdles are immense, reported Aljazeera.

Deadly radiation from the cosmos, potential vision loss, and atrophying bones are just some of the challenges scientists must overcome before any future astronaut can set foot on the Red Planet, top NASA officials said on Tuesday.