National Assembly

Galina Georgieva Is the New Member of the CEM from the Quota of the Parliament

The deputies elected Galina Georgieva as a member of the CEM from the quota of the parliament.

She was proposed for the post by the chairman of the parliamentary committee on culture and media and GERB MP Vezhdi Rashidov, and in the hall received the support of 97 deputies. 57 voted against, 24 abstained. She should take the place of Ivo Atanasov, whose term expires.

"Volya" Won't Support the Deal for the Purchase of the F-16 Aircraft

"Volya" won't support the deal for the purchase of eight F-16 fighters in the plenary, the party's press centre reported. The deal must be submitted for ratification by Parliament by the end of this week.

Volya's deputies will vote against the purchase of fighters in the defense committee scheduled for tomorrow and the Budget and Finance Committee scheduled for Wednesday.

Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov: Bulgaria Can Pay the F-16 Fighters Transaction at Once

Bulgaria is ready to pay the F-16 fighter transaction at once, the Minister of Finance Vladislav Goranov said in an interview for FOCUS News Agency. On Monday an extraordinary meeting of the Council of Ministers to update the budget will be held.

He emphasised that the fiscal reserve is in good enough levels and Bulgaria will be able to afford to pay the deal cumulatively.