National Assembly

New law designed to super-charge electric mobility

The National Assembly has passed a law paving the way for a significant expansion of infrastructure for alternative fuels and a faster uptake of electric vehicles.

Described by the government as a keystone green transition act, the legislation sets out to introduce a dense publicly accessible network of refuelling and supply infrastructure for alternative fuels in transport.

Bulgaria’s Prosecutor General in front of the Legal Commission: I am Not Afraid, I will Not Allow Myself to be Afraid

Without debate, with 19 votes "for", without a single "against" and "abstentions", the Legal Committee of the Parliament approved in the second reading the amendments to the Criminal Procedure Code, introducing a mechanism of control over the Prosecutor General.

Bulgaria: Former PM Borissov was Interrogated at the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office

The interrogation of GERB leader Boyko Borissov at the Sofia City Prosecutor's Office in the "Barcelonagate" case has ended. On leaving the building on "Cherkovna" Street, the politician and his lawyer Menko Menkov were laconic.

"I just want to thank people for being empathetic to me and what is happening. We will not comment on anything, because nothing is different".

Finance Ministry: If there is No New Budget by June 10 - Bulgaria could only Spend as much as it Collects

If after June 10 there is no adopted budget for the year or a new extension of last year's budget, the state will only be able to spend as much as it collects. This becomes clear in the response of the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance after a question from the National Radio whether, in the worst case scenario, there will be funds for pensions and salaries in the public sector.

WCC-DB and GERB Agreed: Government with the Second Mandate - For 18 months and with a Rotating Prime Minister

An hour before GERB-SDS returned a completed mandate to the president in the National Assembly, candidates for prime minister of GERB-SDS Mariya Gabriel and "We Continuing the Change-Democratic Bulgaria" Nikolay Denkov gave a briefing, at which it became clear that the first mandate will not be fulfilled, as the two political forces have reached an agreement on a cabinet.

Bulgaria: Pro-Russian Protesters covered the EC Building in Sofia with Red Paint

The sixth "March for Peace and Neutrality" was yesterday in Sofia. A march for peace was also organized in another 39 cities and settlements in Bulgaria and several abroad. "Bulgaria is a zone of peace, Bulgaria does not participate in any war with people, weapons, ammunition or spare parts", were part of the mottos of the event.

Brnabić: "Starting from tomorrow, electronic reporting of violence against children"

At the session of the National Assembly, MPs considered the Report on the security situation that arose after the mass murders in the Elementary School "Vladislav Ribnikar" and in the area of Smederevo and Mladenovac, which was submitted by the Government of the Republic of Serbia.