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May 24 - Bulgaria Celebrates National Day of Culture and Slavic Script


Bulgaria celebrates May 24 as the day of the Bulgarian Education and Culture and Slavic Script, the official Day of Holy Brothers St. Cyril and St. Methodius - the Byzantine scholars who wrote the first Slavic alphabet in 855 A.D., and translated into Old Bulgarian the Bible and the religious literature of Orthodox Christianity.

Parliament session on the abolition of the state of emergency to be held tomorrow

Parliament's Speaker Maja Gojkovic said on Monday that the MPs will also consider the Bill on the validity of the regulations passed by the Government with the signature of the President during the state of emergency and approved by the National Assembly, submitted by the Government of Serbia.
The sitting will be held in the National Assembly House starting at 10 am.

The first step towards ending the state of emergency, Serbian Government agrees to it

This was done at the initiative of the Ministry of Defense, with an appropriate elaboration in accordance with the Law on Defense.
The proposal states that the activities of the competent health organizations and state bodies in the territory of Serbia have established active epidemiological surveillance of the disease COVID-19.