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Spain is the Champion of Europe, capturing fourth EuroBasket title!

In 2022, Spain won its fourth gold medal at the European Championships.
They appeared as a team that no one predicted would be among the top four selections. Yet, with a naturalized American, excellent local basketball players and an experienced Italian coach, they "conquered" Europe.

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Pešić: They see us as Yugoslavia

Pei did not reveal which twelve basketball players he will take to the Eurobasket, saying that he will do so on Wednesday after training.
Serbian basketball players achieved two important victories in the Mundobasket qualifiers, against Greece and Turkey, so they travel to Prague full of confidence.

Serbia strong on its way to Mundobasket - Serbia's victory in Istanbul

Serbia now has an identical score of 3/3 with Belgium (defeated by Greece) in the third position and placement at Mundobasket has never been more realistic for Svetislav Pei's team.
If it could have been done with less drama - it could have been. Serbia started violently from the start and showed that it is a better team.

Τζέιμς Χάρντεν: Δέχτηκε δώρο 250.000 δολάρια σε μετρητά για τα γενέθλιά του

Ο Lil Baby δεν είχε καιρό να ψάξει για δώρο και έστειλε μια τσάντα με λεφτά στον άσο του NBA