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AGERPRES launches photo exhibition celebrating 30 years since Revolution in University Square passage

The photo exhibition called "This is how we conquered our freedom," including images of AGERPRES National News Agency's Archive was launched on Wednesday, in the University Square passage, a few hundred meters from the place where the barricade of anti-communist protesters was raised on the evening of 21 December 1989. "An anniversary exhibition is launched: 30 years since the Revolution.

#2019PresidentialElection/Dancila: I voted for Romania of welfare and guaranteed rights

Social Democratic Party (PSD) candidate in the presidential elections Viorica Dancila said she voted for "a Romania of welfare and guaranteed rights." "I voted for a Romania of welfare, a Romania of guaranteed rights, a secure and dignified Romania, where Romanians should not live in fear of the next day, of not having what to put on the table, of not having money for medicines or bills.

#2019PresidentialElection: Presentation of candidates

On September 27, 2019, the Central Electoral Bureau took note of the 14 final candidacies and the electoral signs submitted by political parties, electoral alliances, citizens' organizations belonging to national minorities and independent candidates, and on September 28, the following ballot order was established by registration of the candidates: 1. Klaus- Werner Iohannis, 2.

'Asociatia 37' promotes Bauhaus-inspired education project

The importance and necessity of play, art and experiment in the school space using Bauhaus Play methods and principles was the subject of a debate organized on Thursday evening at the Goethe Institute in Bucharest by the cultural NGO 'Asociatia 37' and the 'Costache Negri' National College in Targu Ocna, Bacau County (eastern Romania).

Over 10,000 people tour Ship "Mircea" on its first Danube port of call

Over 10,000 persons toured on Sunday afternoon and on Monday the Ship "Mircea" which docked for the first time in a Danube port, in Tulcea, Public Relations Specialist Alina Davies told AGERPRES. "On Sunday, over two thousand of people toured the ship which docked in the Tulcea Port, and, on Monday, approximately 8,000 people came on board.

PMP National College: Theodor Paleologu, designated party's candidate for November's presidential elections

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Theodor Paleologu is the candidate of the People's Movement Party (PMP) in November's presidential elections, being voted unanimously on Sunday by the members of the party's National College, at the proposal of the honorary president of the PMP, MEP Traian Basescu. Also, Mihail Neamtu was validated as a spokesman for the party and the presidential campaign.

Basescu: Theodor Paleologu, proposed as PMP candidate for Romania's President

Bucharest, Aug 25 /Agerpres/ - Theodor Paleologu is the proposal for the presidential candidacy from the People's Movement Party (PMP), which the honorary PMP president, MEP Traian Basescu, made on Sunday at the National College of the party. Also, Basescu proposed Mihai Neamtu as the spokesperson for the party and the PMP's election campaign.

Ambassador Mattli disappointed with progress of Swiss-funded works at Brasov highschool

Swiss Ambassador in Bucharest, Arthur Mattli, expressed his disappointment with the progress of the rehabilitation works at the Brasov High School of Informatics, which are being carried out as part of a project with Swiss funding, the Brasov municipality said in a Wednesday release.