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Gruevski’s Carefree Days in Hungary Perhaps Nearing an End

All of this while back in Gruevski's home country, things are in flux as well. Gruevski's conservative VMRO DPMNE party, which under his rule was widely accused of "capturing the state institutions" including the judiciary, is now in a serious position to take on the pro-European Social Democratic leader Zoran Zaev, who toppled Gruevski back in 2017.

Hungary’s Hard Line on Immigration Softened for Some

Viktor, an ethnic Hungarian who spoke on condition his surname not be used, is one of some 43,000 Ukrainian citizens registered as working in EU member Hungary, alongside 6,200 Serbians, 2,700 Vietnamese and 1,800 Indians, according to reports citing the National Directorate of Alien Policing.

CVM board convenes to discuss preparations for EC's next progress report

Preparations for the next European Commission's evaluation mission under the Co-operation and Verification Mechanism (MCV) that reports on Romania's progress with judiciary reform and the fight against corruption were the objective of a meeting of the CVM board at the headquarters of the Justice Ministry (MJ).

Former Chairwoman of Romania's CEC Admits To Receiving Bribe

The former chairwoman of the Central Election Commission in Romania has admitted to anti-corruption prosecutors that she accepted a bribe to the amount of EUR 275,000, reported BTA.

Ana Maria Petru, who occupied the post for 31 years, pointed out that most of the money was given to her by a firm which had several contracts with the election commission.

Montenegro Rushes Through Anti-Lobbying Law

Montenegro's government on Thursday approved a new bill that imposes limits, rules and penalties on lobbying.

With penalties of up to 20,000 euros, the government aims to curb lobbying-related corruption in the public sector - the illegal involvement of public officials, failures to report contacts with lobbyists, as well as receipts of gifts and services.