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Festival in Reghin, on occasion of 70 years of luthery

The Romanian Association of Luthier Artists (AALR) organizes, during the period of August 10-12, the "70 years of Reghin luthery" festival, during which extraordinary concerts will take place, held by reputed artists, who will be using violins manufactured in central Reghin, as well as a series of events meant to promote among the audience, especially children, both the craft, and the passion f

TNB's Caramitru: 14 May, first day of shows, we reopen with four theatre halls simultaneously

The I. L. Caragiale National Theater in Bucharest will reopen on 14 May, with performances in four halls at the same time, the institution's manager, actor Ion Caramitru said. "The National Theater reopens in two ways: first, starting from the pilot-programme initiated by the Ministry of Culture.

Kosovo Opera and Ballet Law Dances Around Hall Issue

A fresh draft Law on the Kosovo Philharmonic, Opera and Ballet, provided to BIRN by an official of the Ministry of Culture - aimed at amending the previous law passed by the UN rule-of-law mission in Kosovo, UNMIK - fails to resolve the key issue - the lack of a dedicated concert and performance hall.

Corona Ciao: New Music Hit by Macedonians Datz and Alexander Mitevski

The cover of the popular "Belo Chao" by Macedonian actor Dragan Spasov-Datz and composer Alexander Mitevski was made in one day. From idea to realization. Corona Chao has blown up social media, and even Prime Minister Boyko Borisov has identified himself as a duo fan. In just one day, the video garnered over 372,000 views on youtube.

Over 1300 Foreign Artists and Ballet Dancers Work in Bulgaria

In Bulgaria these positions have not been able to be borrowed by Bulgarians, writes NOVA TV.

Teachers, athletes, ballerinas and circus artists came in Bulgaria from non-EU countries.

Since the beginning of 2019, 1346 foreign nationals from third countries have been granted permission to work in Bulgaria, according to data from the Employment Agency, including seasonal workers.

Institutions in Northern Macedonia Are Changing Their Names Today

The Macedonian government has decided to oblige all institutions to change their public names in the name of the state, in line with amendments to the Constitution, the Constitutional Law on the Implementation of Amendments and the Law on the Use of Languages, reported the Bulgarian National Television.