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Montenegro Probes Leaked Police Threat to Church Protesters

Montenegro's General Prosecutors Office has launched an investigation into the leak of a telephone conversation between what appeared to be two senior police officers on January 6, in which one said Serbian Orthodox Church believers rallying over Christmas would "get their asses kicked if they make trouble during the church gathering".

Taking Bosnia’s Constitution to Court – an Unfinished Fight

"Ethnicity should not be a constitutional category," she adds. "I won't identify with any of these groups out of principle."

A federation of six republics, the former Yugoslavia brought together Serbs, Croats, Slovenes, Bosniaks, Macedonians Montenegrins and others under one socialist union, but it fell apart in a series of brutal wars in the 1990s.

Children in Bosnia Exploited in Election Campaign

They might not be eligible to take part, but the smiling faces of Bosnian children are clearly seen as vote-winners by politicians in the run-up to the country's October 7 election.

The misuse of minors in political party campaigning is not explicitly outlawed under Bosnian law, but experts say it is a matter of ethics.

The Bulgarian Energy Holding is on its Way to take Commitments in the BEH Gas Case

The Bulgarian Energy Holding is in the final stages of taking commitments regarding the BEH Gas case. To this end, the Parliament will instruct the Energy Minister Temenuja Petkova to take the necessary actions to reach an agreement with the European Commission's case BEH gas.

Serbia welcomes 2018

BELGRADE - Tens of thousands of people welcomed 2018 last night in city squares across Serbia.

In Belgrade, the arrival of the New Year was marked by a giant firework display outside the building of the national parliament after performances by world music act Balkanika, rock legends Riblja Corba and folk singer Aca Lukas.

Better food for more people

Denmark takes the lead in tackling with a major issue of the world: Food. Food is the essential need of mankind that shapes our world, and if we do not take action now, our future is doomed to be grim. It is interesting that Denmark, being one of the foremost welfare states in the world, is concerned about the future of the planet and takes action to have better food for more people.